Love Lift Lighten

ln the average church service today the focus goes something like this: “Listen. Learn. Lunch”. It seems of paramount importance to offer instruction in righteousness, with the congregation remaining largely passive, and with the sense of fellowship enhanced by meals, meals, meals. The whole process takes on the appearance of a good show or lecture.Continue reading “Love Lift Lighten”

Lord Teach Us to Pray

The disciples marveled at the Master’s night-long absences in prayer. He would return seemingly rested the next dawn and prepared with that relaxed calm for any eventuality. They had only seen scholarly rabbis approach a degree of confidence anywhere close. But they had always couched their pronouncements with the support of precedent. “Rabbi X wouldContinue reading “Lord Teach Us to Pray”

Song for the Meek

. Beautifies the meek, yes He does this oh so well Dismisses doubters’ ranklings And all their hate dispels A grace that marches calmly Through “everyday’s” demands And hugs and uplifts Tenderly With carpenter’s strong hands. He speaks a view celestial A home for all oppressed Where all who hold on bravely Find comfort, kinContinue reading “Song for the Meek”