Pouring It Out


It has often been said that the most important time to pray occurs when you don’t feel like it. Your mind is distracted by dozens of tedious things. You fear that it will amount to a long list of me-me items; or something sadly reminiscent of oft repeated petitions or thanksgiving.

But remember friend that this is a CONVERSATION. The Lord just wants to hear from you and as candidly as you are led; and unvarnished. If you are still convinced that a certain degree of formality is required, then it is doubtful that you have entered into vital prayer life.

Just talk…simply, warmly and respectfully.

Cover all the bases that appear to move you for the moment.

If you are frustratingly fuzzy-brained, then apologize and ask the Lord to enliven the conversation. Wait and give thanks. You will probably find that the thanksgiving portion kicks into gear. It serves as a tonic to faith. It might be helpful to read Psalm 50 as this beauty tells a lot about the things that delight our Heavenly Father in conversation.

Remember that the Lord doesn’t need a thing from any mortal. He is all-sufficient. But He is also perpetually Love, and Love must give and bless and speak the truth. Consequently He says, “Ask child and do it frequently. I never tire. At some point if you are on a path of error, I will drop hints of correction and re-direction into your spirit.The big point in your praying is not that you please Me, or even get the answer that you hope from me; rather it is that you grow in understanding of my will and see its benevolence. In this fashion we come into increasing agreement on the issues where you might serve, intercede and remember, properly aligned with My heart.”

So get about it!. Establish your “prayer closet”. Some place of peace, quiet and relative comfort. Make it habitual so that an urging will occur once there to get down to business; and an increasing delight.

If you are led you might make notes dating important requests and then dating apparent answers (yes, no or later are all answers coming from the Most High.)
When you close your prayer “in the name of Jesus” you are exercising a power of attorney and you are also qualifying requests or praises as being in that Name and Holy Nature. If the answer “no” results you have just learned something as important and edifying as the successful “please and thank you”

Excellent help may be received in examining any of the books on prayer by Andrew Murray or E.M. Bounds. More importantly you can look inside the heart of King David in his Psalms.

So far I have said much about your tongue wagging. But what might be the joy of going silent for a time and expecting the Father to give you something straight from His heart? Such an experience will certainly enthuse you to come back to the well.





The Eighty-Fifth

Lord will you revive us
Turn away your displeasure
Although we stray
Mesmerized by everyday.
And you have done so much
We scarce deserve
Your healing touch.
It’s in the fearing
The coming softly
To your majesty
And pleading for that
We have no right to
Ever see or hear.
Please Lord come near.
With miracle blend
Of Love, Faithfulness
Righteousness, Peace
Made to kiss each other.
An intersection
A stunning Cross
Distilling joy from loss.

(Psalm 85)