Duty Free



Oh that’s not a burden

You will find here

Nice to meet you

And to sense your hunger

Jesus is a journey

Full of thrills and truth

We will help you

As we all press on

Messed up most of us

One way or the other

But He doesn’t mind

His greatest thrill

Is to rescue and enlighten

Time after time

Giver and Lover

That’s our God

To the hilt

And as you learn this

Recognize this humbly

You will partake

Of His Love

Not imitate mind you

It is Him within

The love response

Works it all out

Fashions holiness

With “duty” not even mentioned.






The key is praying ones

flat on face

in the bushes

like Nash for Finney

and Finney knew the prayers

would get through.

The impress would become

other than his talk

or walk

God showed up

and calls were

beyond all description

or thinking man’s


Might you come?


Break the hearts

make the paths of


viewable and attainable

as the hunger increases

for your Name’s sake.

Not for our just deserts

but because you

would have it so.


(our giving God is well displayed in Psalm 50)