Constancy Above and Beyond


Prayer at the New Year

Will it offer some good

To the tested and hurting

Will it turn a new page

On the hopes of the brave

Will the earth neath our feet

Pass some new convolution

Will the God of the meek

Find more lost souls to save

Will the strained cries for peace

Move the hallways of power

Will the young and the frail

Find the help they deserve

Will the mad rush for gain

Slow a little for kindness

Will the self-serving titans

Find others to serve

Will the lessons just learned

Bring some wisdom to progress

Will the brass ring we chase

Lose its grip on the heart

Will the probing of science

Honour life and not twist it

Will the church bells still ringing

Keep their hold on the heart.


The Quickening


The possibility of revival in a church or churches is God initiated.

People may be drawn closer to His intentions by heightened prayer but the Sovereign One is a master of ideas and timing.

Strategies and movements of men must fall a great distance short.

Desperation for holy movements must be evident and pulling the people out of self-importance and self-satisfaction.

Influences will seem to be the unlikely ones and sourced in unknown people, places and providence.

Remember the stories of gentle friendship with Jesus at the house of Lazarus Mary and Martha. They were acquainted comfortable respectful and enjoying each other in the simple times. Then when the big issues arrived (Lazarus was sick unto death) they were ready and knew what to do and what to ask. Same with revival…



Alive, Barely



The road would call

And I must heed

And flee familiar stuff

And loose the cords

Of home and faith

As if not good enough

And change would charge

And lust would reign

And people came and went

Til I felt stripped

And hung to dry

And filthy sore and spent.

I held the gun

A secret buy

And purchased for this cause

The pain would stop

This orphan thought

But then a sight a pause.

One day at home

A boyhood flash

A youthful roam and sight

A sparkling river

Grandad’s farm

And evening prayer’s delight.

Could I go back

And trust again

And work an honest day?

As Grandad did

For this poor kid.

(The handgun put away…)