Waves of Grace


Zain (psalm 119: 49-56)

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Lord it’s another

Wake up darkness

And the body

Shuns all sleep

And the thoughts

Are crazy racing

And the skies

Are misty deep.

And this cold of

Harsh mid-winter

Keeps the feet

Neath sheets like death

While a strange


Lets out many

A weary breath.

But I know You

Are in this vigil

With warm thoughts

Would have me hear

As your Name

In all its splendour

Comes to mind

Delightful near

Offering Life

In each affliction

And a refuge

From my foes

And a trust

Surpassing reason

That each thankful

Pilgrim knows.


Gripped By Goodness

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Uphold me
In your tightest grasp
That I might sense the power
A wicked world
Just laughs and prods
And strives to see me squirm
They need to sense
Our partnership
A Godhead with a worm
It mystifies
It sanctifies
This Inner hold on Love
The mundane
And the dull replaced
With visions from above
With challenge
To see guilt absolved
And sickness turned to health
With eyes that look up
From beneath
To thrive in Wisdom’s wealth.


Psalm 13