peace,_be_still-Stephen_Gjertson (2)

Today it’s really over

Today is all we’ve got

At last, kicking out Worry

And all the grief he brought.

The sleepless nights a-tossing

The plans turned up and down

The horrors never happening

The seeds of failure sown.

I should have done it long back

But I was duped to fret

By cautious words of warning

I now plan to forget:

“Tomorrow holds such peril

You really need to plan

Disaster at the doorstep

It’s up to you, my man.

And losses need insurance

And markets rise and fall

The body’s getting older

Who knows what plague may call.”

The Worry points me inward

Have I got what it takes?

Henceforth a looking upward

Where faith, a freedom makes.

The Lord knows how I’m living

He sees my every need

And Lord knows, He’s forgiving

I’m fed, I’m fit, I’m freed.

Today is full of sunshine

And in my heart it glows

His smile now all my promise.

How quickly Worry goes.



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