Beneath the Bridge


Leaning looking over

From the bridge

Lazy summer afternoon

Ducks below have

An up-current agenda

Mom gets off to one side

Monitoring little ones

Hard at it.

And thoughts drift to

Some of my water

Under the bridge.

As sparkles beneath

Present dreamy visual curtain.

Times when plans clicked

And friends were easy to find.

Or when they were gone

Hearing that I had got religion

Got it bad and


But then it toned down

To Christ’s words heard

On the inside.

Hours when prayer meant

Shutting up…that’s right

For His whispers

And reassurances that I

Had become His project

Yes His love and living water

Flowing through and

The occasional visitor

Who wanted a draught

A look or a listen.

As if I were in those

Sparkling waters beneath

And timeless and wandering

The good course.

Without regrets and

Thanking and moving and speaking


On His itinerary.


Jesus Becomes You

Here is a new site on Google

It deals with the wonderful revelations of John’s Gospel: triune God; born again experience; abiding in the True Vine; resurrection power; the marriage supper of the Lamb.


image by James Tissot…Earthquake at the Cricifixion

Dark Cloud Be Gone


When I say it

I must do it

Getting under your hard trial

Praying Father

Will relieve you

And will bring again your smile.

He is waiting

For one faithful

To implore at Mercy Seat

And to partner

In the rescue

And to be His hands and feet

With compassion

Just like Jesus

Who would always hear the call

Of the suffering

Of the questioning

And with hope and health enthrall.

Yes I promised.

Not a small thing

To approach the realms of power

With the asking

And the weeping

For your victory this hour.

Friend for this

I was alerted

And on blended knees travail.

See that dark cloud

Is now lifting

As the three of us prevail.