Doug Blair lives in Waterloo, Ontario with his wife Hilary (blaredub@gmail.com). Two grown children, Lauren and Jordan, have left the nest under happy circumstances. Inspirational Gospel blogger since 2009. Poet. Nature hiker. One -time lawyer. Heavy metal factory worker. Newsboy for Jesus.










The chime downstairs reminds me

Of still more time to sleep

And last hour’s thoughts a banquet

Of reverence rich and deep.

Those times when only God could move

But I had clung to self

A desperate prayer got through the cracks

And Mercy’s matchless wealth.

Some poems reviewed

And times when words

Had flowed from His great Heart

With nothing mine I flipped the page

Just waiting for His start.

And come He does

As here and now

Surprising me from sleep.

For coming days with sweat or strain

Might I this converse keep.


Fear Is a Liar



He’s a Father



So stuck on form

And holy words

The conversation strained

Will He oblige

In this dark need

With all its tears and pain?

The Old Book showed

A God who fought

And judgment hard imposed

For Israel’s need

And witchcraft’s end

And storms for those opposed.

But He has always shared

The heart of Spirit and of Son

And how He wept

At Calvary’s pain

And watched His Son undone.

And every chat on Galilee’s shore

With happy children warmed

Showed Father’s love

Just like His Son’s

And all our dread disarmed.


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