2 in Agreement

Two seated
Cellos poised
Large concert hall
Lights all subdued
Myriad dreamy bulbs
Like the firmament
And the strains begin
First one
Then the other
Benedictus the piece
Flowing from the two
And from beyond them
Bringing them together
They must sustain the tone.

They rejoice in it
But also weep
And the crowd respecting
Is drawn into
The heart of the music
Seeing glorious agreement
Hearing it
Knowing that
It issues from
The heart of God
Beckons them all
To the same.
Just like the two.


Holy Matrimony

Image result for marriage feast of Revelation


As sure as sunrise tomorrow

Or sweet dove’s

Soft cooing at night

The words of my Saviour

Are certain

The wedding day

Full of delight.

In place where all evil

Is missing

And the watchful rejoice

As His Bride

And the loved ones

Are thrilled by the City

Of song and sweet

Service inside.

And it’s Jesus who

Pledges betrothal

And it’s Jesus who

Sets scores aright.

See your place

In the gladsome reunion

In that Home where

The Son is the light.




peace,_be_still-Stephen_Gjertson (2)

Today it’s really over

Today is all we’ve got

At last, kicking out Worry

And all the grief he brought.

The sleepless nights a-tossing

The plans turned up and down

The horrors never happening

The seeds of failure sown.

I should have done it long back

But I was duped to fret

By cautious words of warning

I now plan to forget:

“Tomorrow holds such peril

You really need to plan

Disaster at the doorstep

It’s up to you, my man.

And losses need insurance

And markets rise and fall

The body’s getting older

Who knows what plague may call.”

The Worry points me inward

Have I got what it takes?

Henceforth a looking upward

Where faith, a freedom makes.

The Lord knows how I’m living

He sees my every need

And Lord knows, He’s forgiving

I’m fed, I’m fit, I’m freed.

Today is full of sunshine

And in my heart it glows

His smile now all my promise.

How quickly Worry goes.


Instruments of Change



“And souls of men”

The wicked City reeks

With every kind of trade

From food to gems

To bondage Commerce made.

But God sees all

And “hisses” for relief

And makes a man, or two

His vessels ending grief.

And they are caught

As in the vise of love

And work, scarce known,

Deliverance from above.

Oh find some way

And make it clear

To these now

Faltering eyes;

Dear Father

My own small part

In Mercy’s Enterprise.


(Zechariah 9: 8-12)

(Zechariah 10: 5-9)

Oh Dummy!


So here comes

The embarrassment

The second guessing

I let go of something

To few friends

Something awkward

But with the nudge

Of the Spirit.

What about error?

About hurt feelings?

Doug just pack it all


Stew upon it.

But Father of the Most High

Are you still pushing?

OK I will release it.

The burden I mean.

In confidence and selectively.

Your ways are above mine

Perhaps further down the rod.

And again there is rest.



Fearsome Our Champion


The Glory holds fear

And deliverance

The might shakes the walls

Of the world

The fire cleanses all

To the utmost

Where doubt and

Detraction were hurled.

And idols are stumped

In their silence

And nations must

Yield to His power.

And this is the God

Reigning over us

With keeping Love

Right to this hour.

The upright owe little

To diligence

Nor can they

Earth’s evil withstand

But there is our Shepherd

With all Light and Love

The flock kindly

Kept in His hand.


(Psalm 97)