If There Were to be a Fifth Gospel…

We are told nowTo rest in Christ’s merits (chapter 4)As the glorious“Fifth Gospel” explains.His the matchlessUnstoppable priesthoodONCE the scapegoat (chapter 9)For all of our pains.Oh we had allThe rules of the TempleAnd the endlessProcession of Lambs.But in HebrewsWe know it isFinished, praise GodWe trust in ourBlessed I AM.All the rituals mergeIn the one riteJust toContinue reading “If There Were to be a Fifth Gospel…”

Taking the Elements

We take it And humble neighbours Pass the plates Waiting for Pastor’s words ”This do remembering.” Small bread morsel And images arise Of the whip and jeers Of stripes for healing sake. Chewing, ingesting with thanks. Then the little goblet Of regal purple. The stuff He came to share. Humanity, vulnerability In the precious flowContinue reading “Taking the Elements”