I Know…because He shows

That wonderful portion from Timothy says”I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day”.

We rehearse past deliverance and rescues. We choose to remember the joy and release of His known presence, availability and care.

We rejoice in the Spirit and progress another step forward in recognising the Lord’s whispers and directions in scripture and in sanctified conversation. We acquire gradually a well tempered audacity and predisposition always to give thanks.

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Being Filled



Ephesians 5: 18 recommends that we as believers “be filled with the Spirit”. The original Greek sense of the phrase is that we are to be being filled with the Spirit continuously. It is a never ending process until Glory.

We sit in our pews and acknowledge that we have been born again, that we have submitted to the waters of believer baptism, that we have received spirit baptism with evidence of speaking in other tongues, that we sit on the Board of Elders. But…

It is no time to fold one’s arms and smile self assuredly. The cup leaks. Your cup leaks and is in constant need of re-filling through all of the means of Grace.

You lose your temper. Splash. You engage in worldly pursuits or conversation. Splash. You harbour jealousy self pity or gossip. Splash. You tell a small white lie for convenience sake. Splash. You must have the last say. Splash. You serve in some ministry function and become weary. Splash.

We must face the fact that we are intended to be beggars and pursuers in spiritual matters and development always.

It is my suggestion that nothing is more important in this than spending quality time going over the four Gospels. This is not to memorise check lists or chronology, but rather to soak in the awareness and character of Jesus. Like the little sea sponge we soak in the brine constantly. We become Ocean, and possess some of its vastness and potential.

Failure to do this in individual or corporate exercise can prove as disastrous as missing several gas stations on a long journey by car.

“Lord it’s time

To stop the whirl

And pause.

You urge to rest

You urge to bow

And listen, just because.

The busy-ness

Has soured the brew

Has tired this misled Lad

And so I stop

And look to you

That Gospel gold be had.”

Baseline Believing


It’s in me

Where living is so fresh

And evergreen

Digging in my Story

The greatest Love you’ve seen

Gospel mercy thriving

And prayer that

Finds my heart.

Knowing how I

Claimed you

And broke all doubt apart.

Church is good and healthy

You need some Body Life

Didn’t I long cherish

This good and faithful Wife

Didn’t I establish

A baseline for right deeds

Sermon on the Mount plans

The Spirit’s nudge to heed.

But don’t be fooled

That ethics or lifestyle

Bring my heart

Hurry to your prayer place

And time you set apart

Waiting for my whispers

And waiting for my touch

Charged with my Commission

Those hurting need so much.

Haven’t fed you richly

To just sit back and nod

Haven’t shared but lightly

This very Love of God.



Just a Bucket

Heavenly Father:

I know that rest is imperative now for me. You have told me as much. The restlessness must stop. The incessant writing/posting/pleading/parading. You have many agencies for carrying the water.

I have been short on prayer, short on Gospel study. Draining has occurred. I am tired. Ambition has kicked at me.

But I see that bucket image. You take it in your travels and at your sovereign discretion. To comfort. To guide. To heal. To elevate. To cleanse. To commune.

I have seen myself carrying the old oaken vessel. Myself. Me. The nasty lopsided first person. The kid on the tricycle saying “Watch Me”…that stops.

You tell me when to fetch, whither, to whom and for how long.

But now I just need to drink…at your House.



In My Father’s Lap

You have come to me with questions,
And I’m glad that you have come,
And I will provide the answers in a while.
And I’m pleased with you for waiting,
And I’m pleased with you for trusting;
And I know that you are growing through this trial.

You have come to me in peril,
And I’m glad that you have come,
And I will dispatch the angels to your aid.
And the Enemy will flee now,
And the skeptics all will see now,
And your victory of faith will be displayed.

You have come to me for cleansing,
And I’m glad that you have come,
And I know that your repentance is sincere.
Find relief in your confessing,
While the tears bring special blessing;
I forgive you; once again the slate is clear.

You have come to me for guidance,
And I’m glad that you have come,
And I will disclose the way that you should go.
For you know that I am Wisdom,
And my perfect law is freedom,
And in walking in obedience, you will know.

You have come to me requesting,
And I’m glad that you have come,
And I fully see the needs that you now face.
All the olive, grain and wine,
All the silver, gold are mine;
And the gifts will come, according to my grace.

You have come to me for loving,
And I’m glad that you have come,
As I gently draw you to this Father’s breast.
And I cover you with peace now,
And I give you love’s release now,
And you know that in our loving there is rest.

You have come to me for others,
And I’m glad that you have come,
For the Spirit laid this burden on your heart.
And you’re groaning for each neighbour,
Pleading for them my sweet favour,
You are learning now the intercessor’s art.

You have come to me with praises,
And I’m glad that you have come,
And it blesses me to hear you lift my Name.
As you focus on my story,
You will touch my grace and glory,
You will know now and forever I’m the same.

You have come to me in spirit,
And I’m glad that you have come,
And I know you utter things too deep to tell.
As you speak in other tongues, child,
Let the Spirit use your lungs, child,
By the Spirit’s interceding, all is well.

You have come to me in silence,
And I’m glad that you have come,
And I smile as you are kneeling at my feet.
Are you seeking out my will?
Are you stablished, strong and still?
Oh, this prayer time with you, child, has been so sweet!

With Heavy Eyelids



Late, yes I know it

But you come to me

Child I’m not sleepy

And all yours I see

The troubles besetting

The care for your own

The misunderstandings

While you feel alone.

And words you are lacking

But I hear your heart

And I have the courage

That I will impart.

And you know thanksgiving

That passageway rare

That pulls you expecting

To sun and fresh air.

So wisely you pray now

So largely I hear

The answers a-coming

We’ve conquered your fear.

Yes sleep now my Partner

Another time soon

You’ll pray for those hurting

With me neath the Moon.




In the Sanctuary and in the Sea (psalm 77: 13)


Verse 13,19In the sanctuary and In the sea. His way is in the sanctuary, and His way is in the sea. Now there is a great difference between these two things. First of all, God’s way is in the sanctuary, where all is light, all is clear. There is no mistake there. There is nothing, in the least degree, that is a harass to the spirit. On the contrary, it is when the poor, troubled one enters into the sanctuary, and views things there in the light of God, that he sees the end of all else — everything that is entangled, the end of which he cannot find on the earth. But not only is God’s way in the sanctuary (and when we are there, all is bright and happy); but God’s way is in the “sea.” He walks where we cannot always trace his footsteps. God moves mysteriously by times, as we all know. There are ways of God which are purposely to try us. I need not say that it is not at all as if God had pleasure in our perplexities. Nor is it as if we had no sanctuary to draw near to, where we can rise above it. But, still, there is a great deal in the ways of God that must be left entirely in his own hands. The way of God is thus not only in the sanctuary, but also in the sea. And yet, what we find even in connection with his footsteps being in the sea is, “Thou leddest thy people like a flock, by the hand of Moses and Aaron.” That was through the sea; afterwards, it was through the wilderness. But it had been through the sea. The beginnings of the ways of God with his people were there; because, from first to last, God must be the confidence of the saint. It may be an early lesson of his soul, but it never ceases to be the thing to learn. How happy to know that, while the sanctuary is open to us, yet God himself is nearer still — and to him we are brought now. As it is said (1 Peter 3), “Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, to bring us to God.” This is a most precious thing; because there we are in the sanctuary at once, and brought to God himself. And I am bold to say, that heaven itself would be but a small matter if it were not to God that we are brought. It is better than any freedom from trial — better than any blessing, to be in the presence of the One we belong to; who is himself the source of all blessing and joy. That we are brought to him now is infinitely precious. There we are in the sanctuary brought to God. But, still, there are other ways of God outside the sanctuary — In the sea. And there we often find ourselves at a loss. If we are occupied with the sea itself, and with trying to scan God’s footsteps there, then they are not known. But confidence in God himself is always the strength of faith. May the Lord grant us increasing simplicity and quietness in the midst of all that we pass through, for his name’s sake.

From “Things New and Old.” 1865.

Found within the Explanatory Notes in The Treasury of David by Charles Spurgeon


Verse 13,19. In the sea, in the sanctuary. God’s way incomprehensible, though undoubtedly right: in his holiness lies the answer to its enigmas.




Family stone on his breast

My prayers in his ears

Problems and doubts

That brought me to tears

Wisdom at hand

Fresh from his fount

Marvel that I now with

Christ truly count.

He the high priest

Atoning for sin

I the day’s rogue

He now invites in.

Many have struggled

At what Hebrews said

‘Safety for me came

Through Jesus once dead.’

Loss of First Love



it comes in small increments

the slipping away

the turn of attention

to world’s priorities and idols

the change in talk

in desire for quiet meditating

or not.

and so many at the churches

feed this declension

with silly talk and insincerity

excuses to miss service

hollow words on revival

but no gumption to invest

in compassionate service

or battle with knees bended.

inroads for Jezebel.

an army largely asleep

while the Enemy sets up

pitfalls, snares and camouflage.

that One doesn’t sleep

or go on vacation

or procrastinate

he knows the shortness of his time

and he has many a mess

and kidnapping of heart

still to accomplish.

brothers, sisters we have

the Name above all names

the ceaseless call as ambassadors

the Spirit of holiness and healing

Gospel Word of life to share.

How could we slack off?

Become so cold?

Turn to lifeless “teaching”

Jesus help us

Re-align us in joy

and thankful enterprise.

lights shining again

in clear view.

For the hurting or fallen.