Instruments of Change



“And souls of men”

The wicked City reeks

With every kind of trade

From food to gems

To bondage Commerce made.

But God sees all

And “hisses” for relief

And makes a man, or two

His vessels ending grief.

And they are caught

As in the vise of love

And work, scarce known,

Deliverance from above.

Oh find some way

And make it clear

To these now

Faltering eyes;

Dear Father

My own small part

In Mercy’s Enterprise.


(Zechariah 9: 8-12)

(Zechariah 10: 5-9)

Oh Dummy!


So here comes

The embarrassment

The second guessing

I let go of something

To few friends

Something awkward

But with the nudge

Of the Spirit.

What about error?

About hurt feelings?

Doug just pack it all


Stew upon it.

But Father of the Most High

Are you still pushing?

OK I will release it.

The burden I mean.

In confidence and selectively.

Your ways are above mine

Perhaps further down the rod.

And again there is rest.



Fearsome Our Champion


The Glory holds fear

And deliverance

The might shakes the walls

Of the world

The fire cleanses all

To the utmost

Where doubt and

Detraction were hurled.

And idols are stumped

In their silence

And nations must

Yield to His power.

And this is the God

Reigning over us

With keeping Love

Right to this hour.

The upright owe little

To diligence

Nor can they

Earth’s evil withstand

But there is our Shepherd

With all Light and Love

The flock kindly

Kept in His hand.


(Psalm 97)



“Our lives are

In You to find.”

The song said that

And I hear it

With spirit ears now

I come near it

And joy

Far above mortal ken.

The paths of my past

Traced with logic

The systems of men

And their ethic

But all fouled with self

And oppression

And double-speak

Heartless digression.

I have now a God-sent mistrust

Of ways leading

Only to dust.

I pray let your

Spirit draw near

Bestowing the clean

And the clear.

Your whispers come

Louder to me

Your gift

A new destiny.