Overcome in the Sanctuary

Sung by Paul Wilbur and friends. Wow.

(I was surprised in the video at how convincingly the actor Richard Harris registered the awe of arriving.

Revival is not a construct; it is an arrival. We will not be taught the proximity of heaven by lesson. It is gifted and will definitely register as Home to the redeemed soul.)



“Our lives are

In You to find.”

The song said that

And I hear it

With spirit ears now

I come near it

And joy

Far above mortal ken.

The paths of my past

Traced with logic

The systems of men

And their ethic

But all fouled with self

And oppression

And double-speak

Heartless digression.

I have now a God-sent mistrust

Of ways leading

Only to dust.

I pray let your

Spirit draw near

Bestowing the clean

And the clear.

Your whispers come

Louder to me

Your gift

A new destiny.

Osmosis…not lecture material

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I will guide you with my eye

If you let my Love within

Not some lesson or some checklist

Or some lecture about sin.

I would have you think my thoughts

Represent me without seam

And extend my hand of mercy

Bear the fruit of Heaven’s dream.

That a family and a Body

Would so vitally connect

To my heartbeat and my yearnings

As the pathways prove correct.

Full of healing and forgiveness

And my constant sense of “just”.

Yes this comes all by the Spirit

Not a lifestyle course to trust.

Hearing evermore my urging

Feeling with delight my kiss

In a one-ness unimagined

With rewards of matchless bliss.


(Psalm 32: 8,9)

I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.

Be ye not as the horse, or as the mule, which have no understanding: whose mouth must be held in with bit and bridle, lest they come near unto thee.



Called Up


Yes I still answer

Everyone who calls

Calls for my help

As hungered spent

Primed to repent

Touched by the Spirit

Quickened by Word

Rescue call heard

Heard with new ears

Dumping all fears

Failed by the rest

Come to my best


Strange word you say

Debtor to pay

Now slate is clean

Freely I mean

Cross held the cure

Precious Lamb pure

Raised for all sins

Cleansed life begins

Starts Child right now

On this I vow

God vows His Christ

Paid every price.

Zain (psalm 119: 49-56)

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Lord it’s another

Wake up darkness

And the body

Shuns all sleep

And the thoughts

Are crazy racing

And the skies

Are misty deep.

And this cold of

Harsh mid-winter

Keeps the feet

Neath sheets like death

While a strange


Lets out many

A weary breath.

But I know You

Are in this vigil

With warm thoughts

Would have me hear

As your Name

In all its splendour

Comes to mind

Delightful near

Offering Life

In each affliction

And a refuge

From my foes

And a trust

Surpassing reason

That each thankful

Pilgrim knows.


Gripped By Goodness

cascade cliff clouds dawn
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Uphold me
In your tightest grasp
That I might sense the power
A wicked world
Just laughs and prods
And strives to see me squirm
They need to sense
Our partnership
A Godhead with a worm
It mystifies
It sanctifies
This Inner hold on Love
The mundane
And the dull replaced
With visions from above
With challenge
To see guilt absolved
And sickness turned to health
With eyes that look up
From beneath
To thrive in Wisdom’s wealth.


Psalm 13